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Trailers You Can Rent Here at Ken-Co Rental

There are a lot of trailer trucks that you can rent here at Ken-Co Rental for your various needs. They have a lot of different styles and features that you can use. Whether it’s for work or a leisure trip, there will be trailers available for you to use. 

Here at Ken-Co Rentals, we have the best trailer rental that you can find anywhere else. We only offer the best because we want to give you the best service to make all the clients happy to come back to us. 

That’s why in this article, we’re going to list down all of the trailers that we have here available at Ken-Co Rentals. Continue reading down the article to learn more about the trailers that we have. 

Flatbed trailers

This small-sized trailer is one of the most versatile trailers that you can find. From heavy-duty jobs to small-sized jobs, this type of trailer can do it all. It is also one of the biggest types yet because it can weigh more than 30,000 pounds. 

They have two types that you can use: single-wheel axle and dual-wheel axles. This can help the movement of the trailer be more efficient every time. 

Sometimes a forklift is needed to move this around and transfer it from one truck to another. It also has wooden decks rather than metal decks to make the weight lighter. 

Utility trailers

It is usually one of the types of trailers that can be similar to a flatbed trailer because of its looks and functionality. The only difference is that it has rails to make it more stable when it moves. 

The size of these trailers are just the same as flatbread trailers but it is lighter than the first one. It can only weigh up to 14,000 pounds. 

They are great for medium and large size items that need to be moved from one place to another. It mostly has wood decks to avoid being too overweight but it can be sometimes outfitted with a metal deck if preferred. 

Car haulers

These are the perfect trailers if you’re moving many cars at once because they can hold numerous cars at the same time. Many car dealerships rent out this type of trailer for them to transport new models. 

These types of trailers are open types of trailer that have multiple stories. They usually have metal rails or chains to keep the items safe inside the trailers. It is also made from light materials like wood or aluminium to keep it easy to move. 

Its weight alone can be 14,000 pounds or less because it needs to be agile and efficient that’s why it is made from lightweight materials. When a car is loaded into the trailer, it can weigh more than 20,000 to 30,000 depending on the size and the additional weight of the cars inside the trailers. 

Enclosed cargo trailers

If you’re planning to move a big item from one place to another but you’re worried about the external conditions, this is the perfect trailer for you. It can protect your items from different weather conditions and other factors like rain and heat. 

These types of trailers can weigh 3,000 to 30,000 pounds depending on the size of the trailer you’ll get. The available sizes that we have here at Ken-Co Rentals range from 10 feet to 30 feet. 

Tilt-deck trailers

This is the perfect type of trailer that you can use if you don’t have any car hauling equipment. It is also known as a flatbed trailer with a deck sitting between the axles of the car to make it more stable than other trailers. 

It can be long and heavy-duty, depending on the type of trailer you’ll get. There are some that extend to as long as 20 feet! The weight of this trailer is not a joke and you’ll need a heavy truck to move it because it can weigh up to 24,000 pounds depending on the materials used. 

Besides transporting vehicles, tilt-deck trailers can also be used for transporting constructions and heavy equipment. 

Dump trailers

Looking for the best type of trailer to do landscaping with? Then this might be the best option for you. From garbage storage to soil transporting, this trailer can do it all in terms of functionality.

This trailer is a great type because it can be used without any type of manpower involved. It is because of the hydraulic system attached to the front of the trailer to allow unloading of items much easier. There are a lot of sizes and weights of this type of trailer depending on the needs of the clients. 

It can also have different features that can help you make your move much easier. Some trailers have an easy opening back or side to make the soil or the garbage out easily. Many landscapers love this equipment because of this feature. 

Livestock trailers

Moving different types of animals is the sole purpose of this type of trailer. From cows to horses, they can help you begin transporting your favourite animal to a farm near you. Its size and weight depend on the type of trailer that you’ll get. Here at Ken-Co Rentals, we have different shapes and sizes to cater to your needs. It has a lot of features that you can take advantage of to make the transportation of your animals easier and comfortable. 

Pop-Up camping trailers

Now we’re getting into the leisure territory with this type of trailer. This is the perfect type of trailer that you can even pull with just your car because it is compact. It can also expand to create more space for you and your family. That’s why it is named a pop-up trailer.

They are not heavy so you don’t have to worry about your car breaking down in the middle of the highway. It is also the best option when you’re travelling through narrow roads because of its compact size. From an air-conditioned unit to a living quarter inside the trailer, you will definitely enjoy your ride when you are travelling in style. 

Pop-up trailers are usually insulated and come with different features that can make your camping experience much more fun than before. The aftercare of this type of trailer is difficult for people who don’t have enough time on their hands. 

You need to thoroughly clean it out before you dry it to avoid damaging the exteriors and interiors of the trailer. It can also help you avoid getting mould in your trailer. 

Toy haulers

This doesn’t mean that you get to pull your children’s toys with this type of trailer because it is different from that. It is a larger and better version of the pop-up camping trailer because it has a garage area that you can use while travelling. 

It can help you pack all of the toys for the big boys that might include an ATV, buggy, or even extra fuel for your trip. They also have bunk beds and toilet seats for everyone to enjoy. It doesn’t feel like you’re travelling and camping but you’ll feel like you’re back at home. 

Tear-drop trailers

If you don’t have any truck or car to move your small items, this type of trailer might help you. It is considered the smallest type of trailer out there because it can be pulled by a motorcycle with its size. 

It can also be pulled by ATVs or buggies because of its size. The storage of this thing is not a joke because it can pack a lot of things and can weigh a total of 5,000 pounds. 

Boat trailers

Having a nice stroll in a boat is a great way to relax. That’s why many people are trying this kind of recreational activity. It led to a surge of boat sales around the world and boat trailers became popular with the people. 

It helps your boat get loaded up while you’re travelling with it to the nearest lake or an ocean. Besides boats, it can also pull other water sporting goods like a wakeboard, surfboard, and many more. 

You won’t need any kind of equipment to haul this type of trailer because it only weighs 8,000 pounds. A normal SUV or a pickup truck can do the job for you. The size of it is not a matter because it’s not that big to haul. 

That concludes the article about the available trailers that we have here at Ken-Co Rental. If you are interested in the price of each trailer, please feel free to send us an email or call our hotline. You can also stay here on the website and browse more items.