If you are looking for quality grader rentals in Grande Prairie for a short or long period, consider renting from Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. For about two decades, we have been helping various industries, including oilfield, construction, and trucking industries with our safe grader rentals. To rent our G746B grader or to inquire about our grader rental services in Grande Prairie, call us at Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. We can help you find the right grader you need.

There are mostly two types of graders available: self-propelled also known as motor grader and the other is towed by a tractor and known as elevating grader. The grader also comes with various attachments such as blade bulldozer, snowplough, rollers, and more. Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. provides grader rentals in Grand Prairie to all businesses that need it for their new construction or landscaping projects. Graders are used to even the soil and then flatten it.

Buying heavy construction equipment for your upcoming construction or landscaping projects, can put a hole in your pocket. So, renting a heavy-equipment is a good choice and considering grader rentals in Grande Prairie from Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. is a very thoughtful choice. Our grader rentals are from top brands, are in perfect condition, and provide great performance as needed. Our grader rentals are affordable and made for maximum efficiency. For the last 19 years, we have been offering our grader rental services in Grande Prairie. We mostly provide our services to oilfield, construction, and trucking industries.

Our graders for rent are in foremost condition. We keep a check on our machines at regular intervals to ensure their smooth and efficient functioning. Our technicians clean, inspect, and service the machines thoroughly and make them ready for another project.

The G746B grader that we offer for rent in Grande Prairie has raised all-wheel drive grading to a completely new level in productivity and performance. With its weight and power, the G746B is ideal for road maintenance, road construction, ditch cutting and cleaning, snow clearing, and all heavy-duty operations. The G746B developed high blade pull for remarkable cutting and pushing performance.

Volvo G746B AWD motor grader

All wheel drive: It is one of the largest of the wheel drive motor grader. This machine has been known for amazing cutting and pushing performance.

  • No. of driven wheels: 6×6
  • Articulated frame configuration
  • Service breaks for higher performance
  • Engine cooling module with efficient and variable speed

Safety and client satisfaction is our top priority. We provide grader rentals on a daily, weekly, monthly, or for a long-term period as per clients’ needs. Our well-trained staff and expert technicians are always ready to answer all your queries regarding our grader rentals in Grande Prairie. We are always there for you. Give us a call to know about our rental options and cost. We will happily assist you in your next project by providing grader rentals at the cost you would prefer.

To rent our G746B grader or to inquire about our rental equipment services, call us at Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. We can help you whenever you need us.

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