When you are looking to rent crawlers in Grande Prairie, lean on Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. Crawler dozers are powerful tracked machines that use a variety of front-mounted blades to move material from one location to another. Large dozers often do pioneering work, such as removing overburden in mining applications or moving dirt in preparation for new roadways. On the other hand, smaller machines often are used as grading tractors, at times using automated grade controls to precisely establish complex contours.

Whether you need a large or a small one, we can offer the following well-maintained crawler units so you can get the job done on your construction site safely, such as:

  • Case 850K LGP
  • John Deere 650J LGP
  • John Deere 650K LGP
  • Cat D6N LGP

Crawlers have winches or rippers, and also:

  • 6-way dozer blade
  • Cab
  • Air conditioning
  • Positive air shut-off
  • ROPS
  • Guarding
  • Engine pre-heaters

To rent one of our crawlers or to inquire about our rental equipment services, call our team at Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. We look forward to helping you find the right equipment for your job.

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