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    Why you should rent our boat trailers

    Ken-Co Rentals: Why you should rent our boat trailers  Sailing on a boat is a nice way to relax, which is probably why so many people are interested in taking part in this type of leisure activity. This led to a rise in boat sales all around the world, as well as a rise in the demand for boat trailers. Luckily, here at Ken-Co, we offer boat trailer rentals for those who want to enjoy a great vacation with a boat. Let us prove to you that our boat trailers are worth renting by reading its benefits, types and brands below: Benefits of renting our boat trailers Access and mobility…

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    Things to keep in mind when renting articulated rock trucks

    Various industries, like construction, oil field and trucking, have relied on the precision and strength of articulated rock trucks. Learn more about our articulated rock trucks and how our rental equipment will help you complete your projects to the highest standards below: Potential hazards and safety protocols Operating articulated dump trucks, or dump trucks in general, poses a range of risks. Never operate a piece of machinery without first having proper instruction, just as you would for any other piece of heavy equipment. Below are some potential hazards and safety protocols that you should keep in mind when renting or using articulated dump trucks: Backovers can cause incidents Dump trucks…

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    Ken Co-Rentals: Different vehicles to hire for moving!

    Did you recently buy a new house? We’re sure you are excited to experience life in your new home. For this reason, we are offering our services to you! Ken Co-Rentals is one of the most trusted trucking companies in Canada with over a decade of experience in cross-country logistics. Moreover, we offer different kinds of vehicles for you to choose from according to your needs. Picking the right vehicle will allow you to save money and time, that’s why it is important to be wise in choosing your moving vehicle. Check out the most common carriers we have available for you here at Ken Co-Rentals! Moving van If you’re…

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    Why building maintenance is important

    Ken Co-Rentals: Why building maintenance is important When you see shops across the street or large buildings, you may think about how people clean and take care of structures like this. In terms of construction and maintaining the strength of that structure, it can take an army of people to make sure that everything is in top shape.  This is why we value building maintenance here at Ken Co-Rentals. We understand the struggle of building and maintaining a specific structure. It does not matter if it is a house, a small business, or a huge skyscraper.  Every single building needs constant maintenance to ensure its integrity. One of the reasons…