Why you should rent our boat trailers

Ken-Co Rentals: Why you should rent our boat trailers 

Sailing on a boat is a nice way to relax, which is probably why so many people are interested in taking part in this type of leisure activity. This led to a rise in boat sales all around the world, as well as a rise in the demand for boat trailers.

Luckily, here at Ken-Co, we offer boat trailer rentals for those who want to enjoy a great vacation with a boat. Let us prove to you that our boat trailers are worth renting by reading its benefits, types and brands below:

Benefits of renting our boat trailers

Access and mobility

The main reason people rent our boat trailers is to make their boats accessible and mobile. With a wheeled trailer carrying your boat, time and distance will no longer limit your sailing activities. You won’t have to worry about running out of fuel and you’ll have the freedom to dock almost anywhere you want. 


Avoid having to store your boat at a marina or in dry storage by renting our boat trailer! Docking your boat in a marina might become quite costly, so it is a better idea if you rent our boat trailer instead.

One of the most major benefits of renting our boat trailer is that it makes the storing of your boat a lot easier. You can even move the boat on your own without the help of another person.

Peace of mind

Another benefit of renting our trailer is the peace of mind it gives. If a hurricane, storm or other severe weather hits where you keep your boat on the water, you can easily put it onto a trailer and move it to a safe area on land.

Types of boat trailers

Aluminium trailers

Aluminium trailers are light in weight, but they are pricey. They are also resistant to rust, which is crucial if you are going to be boating in saltwater.

Steel trailers

Steel trailers are heavy but they are cheaper. Strong and durable, this type of boat rusts easily, so it is only suited for freshwater use.

Galvanized steel trailers

Galvanized steel trailers have all of the features of regular steel with the added benefit of resistance to rust at a slightly higher cost.

Boat trailer brands

When it comes to choosing a boat trailer, the vast range of options might be daunting. Yet, here are a few of the most famous boat trailer brands out there.

  • BackTrack Trailers
  • Bass Cat Boats
  • Boat Mate Trailers, LLC
  • EZ Loader Boat Trailers, Inc.
  • Float-On Corp.
  • King Trailers, Inc.
  • Load Rite Trailers, Inc.
  • REMEQ Inc.
  • Rocket Trailers
  • Skeeter Boats, Inc
  • Venture Trailers, Inc.
  • Yacht Club and Eagle Trailers

Ken-Co: the best choice for boat trailer rental

Rent the best boat trailer here at Ken-Co! We offer various types and brands of boat trailers that will best suit your needs and taste. We are also proud of our customer service, so you will not have any problem with reaching out to us if ever you have any concerns or inquiries. For more info on our services and available equipment that you can rent, browse our website or contact us!

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