Ken Co-Rentals: Different vehicles to hire for moving!

Did you recently buy a new house? We’re sure you are excited to experience life in your new home. For this reason, we are offering our services to you! Ken Co-Rentals is one of the most trusted trucking companies in Canada with over a decade of experience in cross-country logistics.

Moreover, we offer different kinds of vehicles for you to choose from according to your needs. Picking the right vehicle will allow you to save money and time, that’s why it is important to be wise in choosing your moving vehicle. Check out the most common carriers we have available for you here at Ken Co-Rentals!

Moving van

If you’re not carrying a lot of stuff with you to your new home, it is better to hire a moving van since it is smaller and cheaper compared to a truck. There are also different kinds of vans that can go from small to a more sizable vehicle which can give you bigger space if you don’t want your belongings to get cramped. Here are the different types of van:

  • Panel van 

Panel vans have the smallest dimension among our moving vehicles. It is perfect for students who are moving to their dorms or for people who are starting life in a small studio. 

  • Parcel van 

Parcel vans are perfect for those who have a medium-sized home since it has plenty of space to carry your furniture. However, the maximum capacity can only be up to 3,000 pounds. 

  • City van 

City van is the ideal choice for people who don’t have a lot of stuff with them. It is a vehicle you can hire to transport your bigger home furniture for you. It can also be used by bands who want to transport their instruments from one venue to another. Moreover, it has a stylish appeal compared to other moving vans in our category. 

Straight trucks

Carrying a lot more stuff than you anticipated? Don’t worry! We got your back. Make your moving hassle-free and enjoy the single trip benefit of hiring a moving truck. Our trucks can carry anything from big to small furniture. Moreover, since it has a lot of storage space, there is no need to make multiple trips as you move to your new house! Check out the different types of Straight trucks below: 

  • 10-foot truck

This type of truck has lesser fuel consumption compared to others which makes it ideal if you want a cheap moving vehicle. Moreover, it is perfect for small apartments with minimal stuff to carry around. 

  • 14-foot truck 

14-foot trucks are suitable for owners who have a two-bedroom apartment with lots of stuff to carry around. It has enough space for a comfortable move. Plus, it is fuel-efficient. 

  • 17-foot truck 

This vehicle gives you more room to transfer your belongings. This is perfect for homeowners with plenty of appliances and furniture.

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